It’s not radical.

It’s not radical to say there’s too much money in politics today.

It’s not radical to wish there were less homeless families and more families in foreclosed homes.

It’s not radical to speak out against corrupt politicians who bail out their bank donors.

No, that’s patriotism.

It’s not radical to move your money out of banks that evict grandmothers.

It’s not radical to take to the streets in protest with grandmothers kicked off their health benefits.

It’s not radical to think that education should be free and accessible for all.

And it’s definitely not radical to sit down before the powers of your university in protest — though they may pepper spray you for it!

No, that’s bravery.

It’s not radical to demand real democracy where people’s needs are put before corporate greed.

It’s not radical to be a police officer against racist stops and searches.

It’s not radical to refuse to buy products from companies that abuse their employees or threaten them when voting time comes.

And it’s not radical to envision a world in which we want to live and to build it in the very belly of the dying beast of today.

No, that’s not radical.

That’s only human.