I'm Justin Wedes,
Digital Storyteller.

I’m a digital media professional with more than a decade of experience working with and managing fast-paced teams that execute innovative marketing and branding campaigns. I weave together thoughtful project management and meticulous content creation to produce impactful multimedia narratives.

What I Do

I turn bright ideas into multimedia narratives. I see stories in the people and things around me. Stories that when unlocked have the capacity to amaze, to frighten, to humble, to embolden and to inspire. These are the tales that will launch social movements, open new markets, transform our lives. I crave the opportunity to unlock these stories, and share them with the world in beautiful moving images and sounds.

These are some of the tools in my tool kit:

Digital Media Production

Photography, videography, live-streaming, scripting, production, editing, distribution and content calendaring


Expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative copywriting, editing and proofreading, collaborative document management

Web Development

HTML, Javascript, CSS, project management of major web applications

Project Management

Overseeing large and complicated projects with multiple stakeholders, staff and volunteer coordination, building timelines and executing with accountability

Database Management

Manipulating data sets in Excel, Quickbooks for accounting, SAS for deep analytics

Multilingual Services

Written and oral fluency in English and Spanish, basic proficiency in Portuguese (Brazilian), and working knowledge of Hebrew, French, and German


A curated portfolio of campaigns


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