Dispatch from Detroit: Phones in the Hands of the Homeless

It’s difficult for me to stomach the news that Facebook is building a ‘Facebookville’ futuristic city in California. Why? Because I know homeless people who use Facebook in library computer labs.

So I decided to do something about it: I called up the DWB crew and we put our heads together. We realized that Facebook isn’t going to share with us the profits of our original content, but we could use Tsu to empower homeless people to get off the streets.

Enter CJ, Mayor of the former Detroit Tent City. CJ is the first participant in the #TsuChallenge pilot, a DWB program to gift smartphones to homeless Detroiters that they use to document their lives and earn money on Tsu. Check out this short video, and if you want to support him join Tsu under him as his “child” in the network — and he’ll (and you’ll) earn money for your social media work..