Ode to a Shuttered School

Akeem Pearce, 2012


150 Albany Ave is where we spent our past

Last of our childhood went by so fast

The place where we chased dreams all through our teens

We would sit in English class and day dream

Poetry class we wrote our story at last

We finally realized all the potential we have

To make it through this school of hard knocks

It was the only place we had besides the blocks

We got a shot to finally shine our light

Now these young hood kids never shined so bright

We could pass any task that we receive in this life

In this school of hard knocks we are Robeson Unite

United we stand through the days and dark nights

Side by side hand in hand fighting for our rights

Heads high standing tall together we will never fall

A family of friends we always put love above all

We will never be forgotten our legacy will survive

An inspiration to the world to motivate every child

The future is alive take a look inside our minds

Then you will see that the legacy of Paul Robeson High will never die