Outing the lobbyists

Occupiers are some of the most humane people in the world, and it’s difficult for us to actually confront the human beings behind the disastrous policies that are destroying the social fabric of our countries. We want to be polite. We want to be kind.

It’s time to be braver. The politico-corporate bandits that are quietly undermining our welfare thrive because we don’t tell them (and their friends/neighbors/daughters/babysitters/barbers/teachers) to their face how their actions hurt us.

That’s why I confronted William Morris, head of GE Global Tax Policy, for his greed-driven aggressive tax avoidance. A self-proclaimed “reverend“, Mr. Morris is in fact the world’s largest enabler of tax loopholes, and has single-handedly saved the world’s biggest corporations billions while starving local governments of tax revenue so they have to cut teachers, social workers, firefighters, hospitals, and daycare centers. He wrote the laws at the IRS and then broke them (or followed them?) at General Electric. And he sits on influential NGOs like the OECD’s tax policy working groups to quietly derail any efforts to fix the problem.

We need to out the William Morris’s of the world if we’re going to get any kind of real tax reform. Stat.

See below for the vid: