VICTORY! Bloomberg will Have to Give Over Cathie Black Emails

UPDATE: You can get some context on the whole fiasco here, and RSVP to the Cathie Black Email Reading Party here!

This morning, independent journalist Sergio Hernandez reports that:

“New York’s highest court has now confirmed, as the trial court and Appellate Division ruled, that the Mayor’s Office has no basis to withhold the Cathie Black emails, and we look forward to the Mayor’s Office finally complying with its obligations under FOIL,”

I have offered to host the email reading party as soon as the Mayor complies, so we can finally see what he has spent “more than 168 hours and $25,461.42 in litigation time” hiding about his relationship with Cathie Black and why he hired her despite having absolutely zero educational experience.

Of course you don’t have to FOIL anything to see what New Yorkers think about Cathie Black – just read the comments on our 11,000+ strong petition below:

Petition to Deny Waiver to Cathie Black