The (Un)Common Core

Well, the joke’s on us.

It turns out that when you parcel off public education to technocratic billionaires, they write themselves into the history books.

This is from the draft Common Core assessments – largely underwritten by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – for TN 5th graders:

That’s right, 8 white billionaire males. Never mind that 32.8% of Tennessee’s students are non-white (according to the NT Dept. of Ed), and the average household annual income is less than $44K.

Anyone can be a billionaire, right? Just not everyone.

[UPDATE: Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers president, suggested on Twitter that this was probably the local state’s “spin”. A nearly identical question appears in the TN curriculum here (Question U.S.144). Who can figure out who wrote it?]

I tried to sum this insanity up into a single infographic, so feel free to share it around the social interwebs 🙂