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In the late summer of 2011, I helped lead a distributed grassroots team of over a hundred media makers – bloggers, videographers, photographers, PR experts, and more – tasked with creating real-time viral content for the burgeoning Occupy movement based in New York City.


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–      Sep 2011

Occupy Wall Street’s media team used a highly-distributed project management model to loosely coordinate messaging and content creation across many independent distribution channels. This democratized the media-making process and allowed the movement to spread organically and scale more quickly than a top-down PR strategy. In just three months, over 1,500 chapters of the movement emerged worldwide.

In order to drive favorable news media coverage and combat misinformation and negative spin, Occupy utilized independent media channels – especially social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – to push out high-quality digital content on a very short turnaround. This did not preclude using traditional modes like TV and traditional press releases: I appeared as an unofficial spokesperson of the movement on the Colbert Report in October 2011.

“One of the Occupy movement’s most talented and innovative communicators.”
– Metro NY Labor Communications Council

Earned Media

News Mentions

–      167,000+

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–      100,000,000+