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How do you rally a community to renovate a historic Jewish synagogue that’s now occupied by a Black church? We began by assembling former, current and future stakeholders in the success of the building and its surrounding communities to listen to their memories and hopes for the future. The client side included six different clergy members from multiple faith and racial backgrounds. We built an interdisciplinary team of staff and volunteer designers, architects, the public relations and videography expertise of Robin Schwartz PR, event planners, builders, and promoters that worked closely together on a tremendous marketing and crowdfunding campaign.


–      Pastor Aramis D. Hinds, Breakers Covenant Church International


–      April 2017

My team developed a comprehensive Vision Document reflecting the honored legacy of the Jewish community that once inhabited the space as well as the aspirations of the past, current and (anticipated) future stakeholders in the building. The document laid out a four-year timeline, investment goals, and strategies to build interfaith programming in the space and surrounding community.

We designed and implemented a joint crowdfunding and marketing campaign that quickly raised the profile of the fledgling project, attracted new partners and investors, and inspired hope for the future of the neighborhood. Throughout the process, my team documented the renovation in real-time and cultivated an online community of supporters for BCTC. To this day, renovation work continues and the building is being utilized by a diverse interfaith community.

“I think a lot about the history of the Jews in the city and about our future. That future has to be told in partnership with other communities. Part of what I’m hoping can happen in the space of the Bethel Community Transformation Center is that we figure out how to write that future together.”
–Rabbi Ariana Silvemran, Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue

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