Tirania del Antiliderazgo

Inspired by American feminist Jo Freeman’s famous ‘Tyranny of Structurelessness’ essay, I wrote this nuanced critique of Occupy Wall Street. Published by Asuntos Del Sur in Spanish and in German by IPG.

Water Is Life – That’s Why We The People Must Stand With Detroit

I wrote a piece about the growing #DetroitWater movement and why it will take regular people all over the world to bring Detroit back to greatness.

Occupy Wall Street, two years on: we’re still the 99%

I wrote this piece for the Guardian on the 2-year anniversary of the occupation of Wall Street. Still marching for social justice.

#OccupyGezi: How a Sit-In for Trees In Istanbul Invigorated the Global Occupy Movement

“One day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags and no countries and the only passport will be the heart”  ― Carlos Santana  Reflections from my trip to Occupy Gezi, Istanbul, Turkey in June, 2013.

The Cathie Black Fiasco: Lessons for Confronting Entrenched Power

What social justice activists can learn from the nearly 3-year struggle to unseat Cathie Black and demand transparency, and an end to Mayoral Control, in New York City Schools. Click here to read the full article.

Madison Pizza Joint is Feeding a Revolution

In February of 2011,  I journeyed to Madison, WI to document how teachers were participating in an historic occupation of that state’s capitol building. Along the way, though, my attention turned to a very particular question: how did the occupiers …

Is Anyone Listening?

This short story of corruption and insider dealing in the NYC Dept. of Education is a wake-up call to all concerned parents, teachers and students who need and deserve a meaningful place at the table to run our public schools.

This is Why I Occupy

In the fall of 2012, anger over school closures and bureaucratic greed & callousness at NYC’s Tweed Dept. of Education boils over. Occupy Education begins. Read about it here.

Why Paul Robeson Would Have Walked out of Paul Robeson High School

After 2 years of student and parent organizing in Crown Heights, students culminate their struggle to save their school with a May 1st City-wide Walkout: Read my account of it here.