Some press articles about my work:

And Now, ‘Occupy,’ the Camp
The NYTimes visits the Paul Robeson Freedom School, an alternative academic program started by a coalition of Occupy activists and the Coalition for Public Education
Protestors call on top state official to reject Black as chancellor
The story, in local NYC school blog GothamSchools, of how I helped jump-start a grassroots effort to demand a qualified leader for NYC schools.
Protest Expands Despite Police Effort to Silence Demonstrators
Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now, and I speak about the growth of the Occupy Movement in its 4th week.
Gov Paterson Speaks with Justin Wedes Organizer of Wall Street Protests
I speak with former Gov. David Paterson at the onset of Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street Activist Explains Why Protesters Break The Law
This article from Gothamist, a NYC daily weblog, documents my take on civil disobedience in the Occupy age.
Walcott Event Disrupted by Protesters
This article from the NY Times education blog SchoolBook, tells the story of an Occupy the DOE action.