Monthly Archives: November 2015

Monthly Archives: November 2015

What I’m Thankful for This Year

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I’m thankful (in no particular order) for The sun and the moon Moving escalators The Detroit riverfront #BlackLivesMatter The India Arie Pandora station My mother Carrot cake My father The Bundists, and Yiddish Compassion Awkward activist interventions on presidential speeches Disagreement, controversy Not making lists A girlfriend who makes lists Love My sisters My uncle, even when we disagree Collard greens #SyrianRefugees Latinos People who make fun of Donald Trump Bernie Sanders Sunsets G7(♯11♭9) (G-B-D-F-A♭-C♯) Harmony A moderate amount of chaos …

‘Bern It Up’ REMIX by DJ Steve Porter

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Gotta tip my hat to DJ Steve Porter on this one. Also, Bernie doesn’t sound too bad for a Jewish boy from Brooklyn…