Monthly Archives: August 2014

Monthly Archives: August 2014

Towards a Politics of Love Over a Politics of Fear

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“We can’t bombard the people with more fear. They are frightened. They are terrorized” -Gael García Bernal, ‘No’   In the 2012 Chilean drama ‘No’ by Pablo Larraín, Gael García Bernal plays René Saavedra, a hip young ad man who is recruited to help a precariously-united left coalition topple the country’s 8-year dictator Augusto Pinochet in a nationwide plebiscite vote. The film is based, albeit loosely, on the true story of how a dictator fell from power democratically after miscalculating …

Why I Closed the #TweetBoat

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En tren con destino errado se va más lento que andando a pie / On a train headed the wrong way one moves more slowly than by foot -Jorge Drexler Below I explain why I temporarily shut down the Occupy Wall Street NYC twitter account, and how I will reopen it in the hands of responsible stewards.   The context On the night before September 17, 2011 I found myself in the Brooklyn Commons preparing for an action called Occupy Wall Street. …

Dispatch from Detroit 4 | Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

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  I had an idea tonight: If Detroit steals schoolchildren’s tax dollars to build a stadium we should hold classes in the luxury boxes @uncutcg — Justin Wedes (@justinwedes) August 5, 2014 I am not being facetious. I am dead serious about this one, people. First, some context. In case you didn’t notice, Detroit has been in a NAFTA-induced downward spiral of “free market” hell for the last several decades. The population of this once-great metropolis has nose-dived from …