Monthly Archives: April 2013

Monthly Archives: April 2013

Lawrence Lessig on How to End Corruption & Restore the Republic

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Professor Lawrence Lessig, of Harvard Law School, has a plan to end political corruption in the U.S. What do you think?

Who is Too Big to Fail?

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[View the story “Who is Too Big to Fail? | Testimony of Fed Reserve & FDIC” on Storify]

Upping the Big Banks Ante

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I spent this afternoon bearing witness to the banking regulators’ best-kept secret: public hearings. YES, open to the public. The problem is that when these Senate Banking Committee, or House Financial Services Committee, people look out into the crowd they see a bunch of suits staring back at them. Bankers in suits. Only Wall St showed up. They need to see throngs of regular Americans who NEED them to do the right thing and hold these banks to the fire for what …

The (Un)Common Core

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Well, the joke’s on us. It turns out that when you parcel off public education to technocratic billionaires, they write themselves into the history books. This is from the draft Common Core assessments – largely underwritten by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – for TN 5th graders: That’s right, 8 white billionaire males. Never mind that 32.8% of Tennessee’s students are non-white (according to the NT Dept. of Ed), and the average household annual income is less than $44K. Anyone …