Monthly Archives: December 2012

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Why we were meant to be together, Occupy.

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It’s Christmas morning, and the eery quiet on Nostrand Ave in Bedford-Stuyvesent gives my mind some space to roam. It is never this quiet in Brooklyn, at least not in neighborhoods where you and I can afford to lay our heads down – If we can afford apartments at all. In between jobs, in between girlfriends/boyfriends, in between economic systems and political regimes, we live in the precariat. So I’m writing a love letter to you, Occupy, the only constant …

Occupy Sandy!

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Hurricane Sandy brought immense destruction and suffering that still persists to NYC. This short film by Josh Fox (Gasland) looks at a people-powered effort to confront this humanitarian crisis and expose the scientific and socio-political drivers behind it. OCCUPY SANDY from JFOX on Vimeo.