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A letter to the next President.

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Dear President-To-Be _______________ (fill in blank),   Thank you for spending $1 billion to get yourself elected/re-elected. You’ve enriched the lives of many a news network executive, advertising agent, and super-PAC board member. Your shifty ideologies and broken promises are strewn across the campaign trail. You’ve managed to confuse Wall Street with your vague policies so much that they’ve hedged their bets with you and your opponent. So either way, they win. And we the People lose.   It didn’t …

On A Street Far From Wall Street

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We were far from Wall Street. The sidewalks were strewn with rotted furniture, tattered clothes and assorted debri. Families and friends huddled around doorsteps, doors swung open in the hopes that fresh air would drive out the stench of the sitting flood waters. The Mayor said New York City was back to business as he rang the opening bell. Jose Luiz said “Fuck Bloomberg” as he lifted an axe to the long, thick tree trunk that had lied down flat …